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What affects page loading speed and why is it so important?

Why is speed important?

Cloudflare and Google reports tell us clearly:

  • Nearly half of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • Each additional 0.5 second reduces visits to subsequent subpages by 20%.
  • If a website doesn't open within 3 seconds, 53% of users will leave it. Additionally, page loading speed affects SEO and website indexation in the search engine. Google rewards quality, speed and usability - the better condition our website is in, the better scoring we will receive.

Co wpływa na szybkość ładowania strony?

  • Website code: Let's ensure clean, optimized code, use of proven practices and reference to documentation. Let's avoid excessive use of scripts and plugins.
  • Media Size: Large images and media can slow down your page significantly. Graphics optimization is key.
  • Server: An efficient server, properly scalable and adapted to the needs of the website, helps provide users with quick access to content.
  • HTTP request minimization: Fewer requests = faster loading. By ensuring the optimal number of CSS and JS files, we limit the number of queries needed to load the page.
  • Using CDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) can speed up access to website resources.
  • Technology used: The use of the best libraries and solutions allows the client to shorten the page rendering time at the last step before the possibility of interaction.
  • Monitoring and testing: Regularly checking the website's performance allows you to identify problems and quickly respond to the team. Page loading speed is not just a technical issue, it is the foundation of our online presence. It significantly affects conversion and indexation in search engines, and thus translates into the marketing budget, e.g. Google Ads or SEO, that we must allocate to attracting customers through our website. Therefore, it is worth investing in optimization and ensuring that our website works as efficiently as possible.

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