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5G Made Together is an initiative of IS-Wireless, involving the cooperation of various partners to build open telecommunications networks and democratize the telecommunications market.

About the client

The 5G Made Together initiative is organized by IS-Wireless, which provides private 5G networks in an open model (Open RAN). IS-Wireless is based in Poland and carries out projects with partners in Europe and Southeast Asia.





Work Scope

MVP, UX/UI Design, Programming, Headless, Development


Website MVP

Our challenge was to quickly prepare a website in the form of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The website had to be built rapidly to create a tool for promoting the upcoming event.

MVP implementations must be closely aligned with the client to meet the project's most important requirements. The short turnaround time requires compromises - according to the decision made, the primary goal in this phase was to provide content to potential attendees and stream video during the event on time.

The result of the first phase of the project was a fully configured infrastructure and a functional website, built in a technology that allowed for the realization of further goals - the MVP version of www.5gmadetogether.com was completed in less than a week! After the publication of the simplified version, we could start working on the next stage, which was the comprehensive implementation of the new website.

Scope of work

  • Configuration of technical infrastructure
  • Implementation of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the first edition of the event
  • Information architecture and UX wireframes design
  • Graphic user interface (UI) design
  • Website programming in Headless architecture

UX/UI design project

Information architecture and UX wireframes

In every project, the most crucial aspect is the usability of the website. The basis for the designed website was the information architecture and UX wireframes. We created a prototype design for the target service, including the homepage, a library of upcoming and past events, a conference page, and an organizer's page.

According to the given requirement, the conference website was initially supposed to function as a One Page website. UX wireframes for other subpages were prepared for future use.

Modern interface

After completing the UX wireframes, we started the UI design (graphic design of the website). Conference websites are usually schematic - our goal was to break away from the norm and designing a minimalist-looking interface that would relate to new technologies and the client's sector.

To achieve this, we opted for sharp shapes broken by rounded buttons, applied a blue color scheme with a distinctive shade of blue as the main color, and used graphics of radio waves, which refer to the conference organizer's sector. Implementing these ideas guaranteed us a standout website.

Implementation in Headless architecture

After completing the design work, we started programming the website. To achieve the highest quality website, freedom for further development, and the highest standards of security and performance, we applied a solution known from the organizer's website (www.is-wireless.com).

Technologies used

Websites built in Headless architecture involve separating the user interface (frontend) from administrative functions and internal resources (backend). Both layers are independent of each other, and communication between them is done through an API.

Thanks to Headless architecture, we enable, among others, better website optimization, ultra-fast loading, unlimited website development, while meeting the highest security standards.

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The result of the work

The final step of the work was the optimization of the website speed, concluding the work on www. The speed of the website affects various areas related to online presence, including advertising costs, Google search rankings, and user satisfaction. Optimizing the website before its publication results in reduced future website operating costs.

As a result of the completed work, our client received a fully functional website with a custom graphic design, prepared for further expansion. The website meets the highest standards of security and performance, and additionally, it captivates users with its unique appearance.

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